Empower  the  federal  workforce  to  make  data-driven  decisions  that  improve  agency  performance,  and  to  adopt  a  culture  that  values  transparency  and  accountability. 


The lack of reliable information to support decisions and the challenges of organizational change plague federal agencies. The complexity and scope of issues diverted focus on addressing symptoms rather than root causes. The result is the wasteful execution reported by the GAO and acknowledged by federal leaders.

Sylvie Platre was fueled by a sense of urgency as our nation faces an unsustainable fiscal situation when, energized by her research into the ongoing government transformation, and validated by what she learned, she founded Performance Quest.

Consulting in the federal workspace for 20 years, she experienced first-hand the disconnectedness between agencies’ legal mandates, strategic goals, and execution outcomes, a situation often attributed to overburdened management. Yet, techniques anchored in performance data and strategic alignment concepts can redress the situation.

Ongoing efforts in federal organizations to implement transparency and re-introduce the American innovative spirit already show real results that demonstrate federal leadership’s commitment to change.

Performance Quest is ready to support this transformation with an integrative operational model that empowers agencies to manage their performance while reshaping their cultural landscape, in firm alignment with the federal Performance Management Framework captured in performance.gov and PIC.gov.



  • Execute decisions by adjusting the strategy for better performance.
  • Each individual is accountable for follow-through.


The deliverable we leave you with is an executable Progress Cycle supported by a business intelligence capability. 


  • Relevant data and information are available to answer questions.
  • Impact of a change is assessed pre-decision.

Enriched by these insights, you make informed decisions that an empowered federal workforce executes to produce the results that perpetuate the Progress Cycle. 


  • Strategy is expressed through Goals and Objectives.
  • Measures of Performance taken against the Strategy.

Performance Quest injects innovation into federal consulting by replacing the staff augmentation experience you know, with a workforce transformation that will continue long after our departure.


  • Business Intelligence application  provides data analytics.
  • Drill-down and roll-up features support ad-hoc analysis.

The deliberate collection of strategy execution data and a solid performance data model constitute your data basis. Your insights into your agency’s performance are now enabled by business intelligence.


SYLVIE PLATRE is the sole founder of Performance Quest, LLC, an innovative consulting practice that integrates multiple disciplines and perspectives to effectuate a lasting transformation in its customers’ organizations. Sylvie’s last consulting engagement in a major federal law enforcement agency had her focus on a CIO-driven redesign of the agency’s IT governance framework. This 5-year effort allowed her to integrate knowledge in IT Policy, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Performance Management, and oversight functions.

In her prior engagement, Sylvie supported a US Army intelligence integration lab, coordinating scope across 3 prime contractors and 20+ subcontractors. The 5-year effort that blended development (Agile) and operations (ITIL) models in a continuous delivery cycle (DevOps) across multiple environments challenged her to design creative approaches to integrate existing models into a coherent execution.

Sylvie’s previous engagements allowed her to build solid foundations in multiple disciplines as her career grew from systems engineering to IT project management, and from IT investments oversight, to IT governance and finally, performance management.Sylvie is an integrator at heart with an insatiable appetite for learning who has consistently applied the sum of her knowledge to new challenges. The ongoing government transformation is her latest undertaking, as she brings her leadership skills to bear on the challenges ahead.

In her words: “SCOPE is my constant, the “WHAT” concept that I strive to wrap my arms around, in everything I do. How can we do so much without clear lines around WHAT we are doing…?

The “WHAT” will continue to be my focus when we engage with you. A coordinated, deliberate strategy execution of your agency’s mission allows performance measurement DATA to feed a data analytics capability. The resulting INSIGHTS inform your DECISIONS, leading to RESULTS, subjected to measurement, in a continuous cycle I call the Progress Cycle.

Data-driven decision-making leads to progress. And progress is my commitment to you.”


As we deploy phase 1 of our website, Performance Quest is still investigating the elements at  play in the performance management practice envisioned by the “Performance Improvement Council“. Our founder, Sylvie Platre, is involved with various aspects of the implementation of the Federal Performance Management Framework, in both researcher and contributor roles depending on the efforts, most of which lie within the Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals
As a visionary integrator and enterprise governance professional, Sylvie is working hard to help her customers implement the federal vision, while avoiding duplication, re-invention, and stove-piped solutions, and instead leveraging the other ongoing transformation efforts.
Your support and contributions towards the realization of Performance Quest’s mission are appreciated. We want to collaborate with you. 
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